Wildlife Fantasy / Fiction - Short Stories

Wild Rumours On The Safari Express

by Yogesh Chandratre

Language: English

Digital Edition 2012

Published by White River Works

A journey beyond wild imagination through the most enchanting wilderness on Earth. Hear man speak all the wild of his belief, faith, knowledge, experience and imagination. Explore the -sychic triangle of man-earth-beasts. Study the environment within this triangle and experience the evolution of myth &knowledge, legend & wisdom... ‘It happens all the time’, said the Zulu driver in his ever stern and unblinking gaze. Some miss the train. Some miss the whole point.’ He was a believer in Truth. Even if it was wild. I had this strong feeling he knew my doubts over all that was talked. ‘Fifteen months! Over world! And still he doubts! Calls Truth ‘Rumours’. Calls travellers ‘Wind’. Who knows what he calls this Zulu? Don’t know want... He grumbled his way back to the engine room. Here I was, back home feeling a bit lost. Bit unsure. Fortunately, in this part of the world I am certain of one thing. There would be many t0 share my doubts over these wild rumours.

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